Doktoratskolleg Energiesysteme 2030
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Ten dissertations were offered within the doctoral colleg "Energy Systems 2030" and have all been assigned:

PhD#1: System Development of Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Offshore Power Plants


PhD#3: The determination of the 3D shape of static and deformable objects with photogrammetric or ranging methods

PhD#4: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of the two-step thermochemical Water Splitting

PhD#5: Thermo- electrochemical water splitting

PhD#6: Decentralized pumped storage to increase the electric mobility

PhD#7: Thermal Management for alternative Propulsion Concepts

PhD#8: Detection of drive fault conditions in electric vehicles, investigation of effects on driving dynamics, and development of emergency scenarios

PhD#9: Development of physical models for component description of energy active buildings

PhD#10: Development of a dynamic room model for optimization of building elements, operable facades, sunscreening systems, heat emission systems and cooling devices for plus-energy buildings