Doktoratskolleg Energiesysteme 2030
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The purpose of the doctoral college (DC) is to offer a more particularly structured and interdisciplinary educational curriculum as compared to the current standard-dissertation.

The special characteristics and the additional value of ENSYS 2030 consist of:

  • The introduction package
  • The additional qualifications
  • The DC-Seminar (4ECTS) embedded in the standard package of 18 ECTS

(A) The base is formed by the 18 ECTS valid for regular doctoral studies at Vienna University of technology. Within these 18 ECTS the DC-Seminar of 4 ECTS is mandatory. The remaining 14 ECTS are defined by the faculty of the workgroup regarding the specific demands of the work. For English-speaking fellows the linguistic constraints will be specifically addressed and in case establishing an English course for one person is not feasible, the course will be held individually with an English-language book and individual supervision of a faculty member.

(B) The introduction package aims at enhancing the mutual comprehension within the college. The introduction package consists of 6 ECTS (e.g. 2 lectures) and has to be completed during the first year of the DC. The intention is to assure that every DC-member has a basic understanding of the fundamentals of all work packages. The following courses are offered among others:

  • Basics of Solar Engineering
  • Basics of Thermo- and Electrochemistry
  • Basics of Thermodynamics
  • Basics of Finite Element Method
  • Basics of Hydraulic Engineering

At the beginning of the college the academic director chooses for each fellow those two courses which offer the largest additional value for her or him.

(C) The fellows are encouraged to acquire additional skills in patent law, scientific writing, presentation, communication and rhetoric within the DC. The Softskill Catalogue of the Vienna University of Technology offers an excellent choice including English language courses. In addition,  related courses of other higher education institutions (University of Vienna, Vienna University of Economics and Business) are recognized. The minimal amount must be 4 ECTS.

The total amount of courses in the doctoral college is therefore 28 ECTS, which is 10 ECTS more than in “normal” doctoral studies.

Finally a book titled “Energy Systems”, written by the faculty and the fellows should be published.

The working language for presentations and publications is English.