Doktoratskolleg Energiesysteme 2030
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The four work packages of the DC are :

  • Offshore- Solar Energy Generation
  • Solar Chemistry
  • Electric Mobility
  • Energy Active Buildings

The most important connecting elements of the four work packages are energy storage issues, system analysis and system modeling. In the doctoral college ENSYS 2030 the ability of comprehensive systemic thinking and working shall be particularly trained.

Energy Storage

Energy storage is a cross-theme of all work packages. With the development of renewable forms of energy for power generation on one side and of electric mobility on the other side, the requirements for electric storage technologies are vastly increasing. The challenges lie in the dimension of the storage devices (MW, KJ) as well as in the storage costs. Today only pump storage technologies can meet the requirements of future energy systems. By using pump storage technologies great amounts of energy can be stored efficiently. Reversible pump-turbines can switch swiftly between storage and power generation. This already happens frequently due to the changing electricity market and it is expected that this trend will continue in the future. In the field of pump storage technologies there is still considerable development potential, because the existing electric grid will reach its limit and decentralized pump storage solutions are needed. Decentralized pump storage at small plants requires research in the area of variable rotational speed drives linked with corresponding hydraulic design.

 Within the doctoral college ENSYS 2030 the theme of energy storage is covered in four dissertations (PhD#1, #4, #6 and #7).